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As a small business owner, do I have to submit GST Returns?

30. April 2020By amitmundra

As a small business owner in India, do I have to submit regular GST returns? Yes, but foremost you have to get GST registration. You have to file GST returns as per the prescribed regulations by the Government of India. At times, incorrect GST Return entries, results in rejection of the input tax credit, in … Read More

Write an estimate quotation – It’s that easy!

22. April 2020By amitmundra

Nowadays writing an estimated quotation is very easy with advanced online financial software solutions. A written quotation or estimation required when a customer wants to make a purchase.  Every online or offline business has to give its client a price list for its available products or services. Many small companies have a standardized and straightforward … Read More

GST Billing Software Available in India

22. April 2020By amitmundra

For any business, transaction billing is one of the essential steps which is needed and appropriately followed. Billing is also one of the complex processes which quickly leads to miscalculations. Since billing and the invoicing option comes at the final stages while closing a transaction in a deal, hence it makes it the most crucial … Read More

What is the right GST invoice format?

22. April 2020By amitmundra

With the implementation of the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India, it is essential to make a few changes in the functioning of your business smoothly. Firstly, GST is an indirect tax that is levied on the supply of goods and services from 1st July 2017. The Government introduced the system to replace … Read More

Billing Software: No More Bills With Word And Excel!

20. April 2020By amitmundra

Any kind of delays in payments can put any business at risk. It is most important to generate and send invoices to the customers online. Along with it, timely payment of bills by clients brings efficiency in the billing process. It is a confirmed success key for any business to flourish. Benefits Of Setting Up … Read More