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Small Business Checklist: Steps to Start a Small Business

30. September 2020By amitmundra

Starting your own business might sound like a lot of tasks in hand, but it is not. India is one of the most prolific start-up regions in the world. Nearly 4000 start-up businesses emerge from innovative entrepreneurs every year. However, it is said that about nine out of ten small businesses fail in India. Business … Read More

How to Succeed with a Business at Low Investment in India?

30. September 2020By amitmundra

Don’t let lack of finance drown your budding business. The success of a business is associated with hard work, dedication, and smart business operations. If you want to build your business at a low investment, all you need is a solid plan. It’s not money but passion that sustains every dream. It would be best … Read More

GST Invoice Format in India

22. September 2020By amitmundra

GST invoice is tax compliance issued on the supply of goods or services by a taxable business or person registered under the GST policies of India. GST invoice format is a sequential arrangement of information; the standardized format is followed by suppliers while issuing invoices to their clients. Any business issuing tax invoices must be … Read More

The Basic Accounting Principle for Beginners

17. September 2020By amitmundra

What does the word “accounting” refer to? Accounting is a method or a process of managing and reporting the overall financial sheet of an organization. It is also referred to as bookkeeping in general narratives. It includes basic accounting principles wherein tasks such as analyzing, recording, managing, and assisting the financial structure is carried out … Read More

Best GST Billing Software Features

8. September 2020By amitmundra

The best GST billing software is a business tool that any small, medium or large-scale businesses must implement to effectively manage operations and facilities. It not only increases the potential credibility of an organization but also eradicates the errors or complications that are generally accompanied by the traditional (manual) billing methods. Only 7% of the … Read More

GST Tax Calculator: Tax Calculation under GST, Deductions, and Rates

4. September 2020By amitmundra

India is a nation that is emerging towards the greatest days of all time. With the literacy rate up to almost 75% of 132 crores of population, people are now ready to educate themselves and find transparency in everything that the government offers. Recently, GST tax calculators have gained immense popularity due to apparent changes … Read More