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GST Invoice Rules: Invoice Details and Essential Information

31. October 2020By amitmundra

The time has come for businesses to prep themselves for their next GST returns filing. As the dates are nearing, it is crucial to issue tax invoices as per the recent GST guidelines to eliminate the risks of facing barriers. As businesses mark the beginning of the new era, they must ensure that each transaction … Read More

Reverse Charge GST Invoice Format

30. October 2020By amitmundra

The Goods and Service Tax (GST); a new taxation system in India, has replaced many of the existing indirect taxes. The complicated GST invoice format of the asset-based tax system is now eliminated under GST, a destination-based tax system. It has replaced several indirect taxes that include, Taxes, VAT, CVD (Counter Veiling Duty), Excise Duty, … Read More

How Imprezz Accounting Software has Benefit My Small Business? – Press Release

27. October 2020By amitmundra

Bengaluru, India, October 27th, 2020 – Technology is the most extravagant source of successful businesses. Thus, implementing an ideal accounting software is vital for small businesses to sustain amidst the cut-throat competition. My team and I had an extremely positive experience using Imprezz accounting software during the tough times of COVID-19. In this review, I … Read More

What is small business accounting – How to do it?

22. October 2020By amitmundra

As a small business owner, you must master the art of accounting at some level. Small business accounting is all about the process, system, and people (your team members). It is done by recording expenses, profits, and financial information of each business transaction. These tasks are essential to track and manage money effectively, crucial during … Read More

Definition of Commonly Used Basic Accounting Terms – Part 2

14. October 2020By amitmundra

Stepping into the accounting field can be confusing at first with all the new terms to learn. Don’t feel left out in conversations, and don’t be left behind only because you aren’t sure what someone is talking about. Learn the basic accounting terms before you start your first big job or before you start your … Read More

Definition of Commonly Used Basic Accounting Terms – Part 1

14. October 2020By amitmundra

Language is a medium that eradicates confusion and provides accurate insights into the path you choose to explore. Every industry in the business world has its secret language and knowing the language is the gateway to the inner circle. Toddlers need to explore accounting or bookkeeping career; it is vital to familiarize yourself with basic … Read More

Basic Fundamentals of Accounting

14. October 2020By amitmundra

Each industry in today’s business world operates with its language; likewise, accounting is the primary language of finance and related businesses. It helps business owners understand the financial situation by transmitting the necessary financial data. It helps translate the fundamentals of accounting into a completely tangible report. The scope of accounting makes it crucial for … Read More