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Confusion Related To Filing GST And Taxes

30. April 2021By amitmundra

The industry has requested the government for more handholding to clear tax-related confusions and GST filing. Tax compliance deadline extension has also been requested.  WHAT ARE THE REQUESTS? The finance ministry has been approached by the industries to provide clarity, speed up the processes, and also provide more handholding on the numerous tax issues. With … Read More

Inventory Management: Basic Terms And Their Application

28. April 2021By amitmundra

Those who aren’t tech-savvy are generally confused by the heavy Inventory Management terminologies used. Today we are going to decouple all the essential terms and understand their applications in Inventory Management. If new to Inventory Management, don’t forget to read: Inventory Management 101: Small Business Guide. MAJOR CONSTRAINTS IN INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Inventory: Defined as the … Read More


27. April 2021By amitmundra

As we have seen in all our previous blogs (Inventory Management 101: Small Business Guide and Inventory Management Techniques: 2021 Edition) that inventory management is a visual analyser used to track inventory in real-time. Certain good practices in Inventory Management processes will help you best utilise cloud computing and analytics software and hence curb losses … Read More

Inventory Management Techniques: 2021 Edition

26. April 2021By amitmundra

Inventory Management or Supply Chain Management has evolved a lot throughout the years, thanks to the advent of advanced technologies like Automation, Data Analytics, IIOT, and Artificial Intelligence. The sudden pandemic of Covid-19 struck the businesses heavily due to unforeseen complex issues like mandatory digitalization, work from home, inventory and warehouse management failure, etc. Click … Read More

Inventory Management 101: Small Business Guide

22. April 2021By amitmundra

This article will guide you through the different facets of Inventory Management and why it is the most crucial tool to scale up a business. First, let us try to answer the following question: What makes a business successful? Is it to have a wonderful centralized communication system? Balanced Stock levels so that none of the … Read More

Automate your payment reminders with Imprezz

5. April 2021By amitmundra

Do you find it intimidating to send payment reminders? But in the ideal business model, you have to ask for payments against the product or service offered to keep your cash flow healthy. Having a system to send payment reminders is the first step in making it a habit. With the automated payment reminder tool … Read More

What is the best free inventory management software?

5. April 2021By amitmundra

Inventory management is important for the smooth functioning of your business and to keep your stock levels in control. Both excessive and surplus inventory can disrupt the financial flow of your business and pose a serious threat to its liquidity position. Inventory optimization is important to ensure that you have minimum levels of inventory to … Read More