Subscription Billing Software – Definitive Guide

11. January 2021By amitmundraBriefly explained

Businesses today are still unaware of the term “subscription bills.” However, the concept of subscription billing is not entirely new. It is one of the billing methods that businesses use to charge their customers when processing transactions. Although the idea of subscription billing software roots in earlier times, companies have recently started recognizing the need … Read More

Easy Guide to GST ANX-1 and GST ANX-2

7. January 2021By amitmundraBriefly explained

Many reforms have been made in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) return filing system. There is an addition of GST ANX-1 and GST ANX-2. A person used to fill the forms before the reforms, i.e., GST RET 1/RET-2/RET-3, are now supplemented with GST ANX-1 and GST ANX-2. These forms have similarities with GSTR-1 and … Read More

Online GST Registration Process in India

30. December 2020By amitmundraBriefly explained

GST, or Goods and Service Tax, has replaced various other forms of indirect taxes and has simplified India’s taxation system. If you are a trader, business person, or entity having a turnover more than the defined limit, you need to register for GST. If you are a taxable person, you cannot carry on your business … Read More

The GST Payment of Tax

30. December 2020By amitmundraBriefly explained

The payment of Goods and Services Tax (GST) online has made the process of tax payment easy and transparent. As a registered taxpayer of GST, you have access to three electronic ledgers, i.e. electronic liability ledger, electronic cash ledger, and electronic credit ledger. The first step for making the payment of GST is to generate … Read More

Launching Live Version: Multi-User Accounting System – Supporting Collaboration & Team Work – Press Release

23. December 2020By amitmundraAccounting Software, Briefly explained

Bengaluru, India, December 23th, 2020 – Accounting is an integral part of business operations. It determines the sustainability and growth of an enterprise. Today, the world is driven by technology; In an era like this, it is crucial for business owners to manage their accounting system wisely. Businesses must focus on building a more substantial … Read More

GST Billing Software – Purchase Invoice

18. December 2020By amitmundraBriefly explained

Modern SMEs rely on automation to stay on top of today’s cut-throat competition. Imprezz is India’s leading GST billing software that offers all-in-one small business accounting solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. There are various official documents that business issues daily, one of which includes the invoices. Invoicing online is one of the easiest ways … Read More

Mixed Supply and Composite Supply under GST

6. December 2020By amitmundraBriefly explained

The GST Council of India has incorporated new concept of supply into the tax regime. On certain occasions, a combination of goods or services is provided together. Vendors might do this to attract more customers. At times, specific goods are grouped due to their similarities. Earlier, this mechanism was known as packed goods or services. … Read More