What is the best free inventory management software?

5. April 2021By amitmundraInventory Management

Inventory management is important for the smooth functioning of your business and to keep your stock levels in control. Both excessive and surplus inventory can disrupt the financial flow of your business and pose a serious threat to its liquidity position. Inventory optimization is important to ensure that you have minimum levels of inventory to … Read More

A Complete Guide To Inventory Management

22. March 2021By amitmundraInventory Management

Inventory is the lifeline of every business which helps in the smooth functioning of business and meet the need of customers. The effective management of your inventory determines the success of your business. The importance of managing your inventory should be a primary objective to overcome the gap between supply and demand. Any laxness in … Read More

Inventory Management made easy with the help of imprezz.in

12. March 2021By amitmundraPress Release

Bengaluru, India, March 12 2021 – Inventory management is an important process in any organization to meet customers’ demand. That’s why Imprezz is introducing an advanced inventory management feature in India. Imprezz is one of the most reliable, recognized finance and invoicing program that helps solopreneurs and small businesses to create their invoices, send quotes … Read More

Tutorial : How to use Imprezz inventory management tool?

26. February 2021By amitmundraImprezz Tutorials

Managing large stock of inventory is a time-consuming process for small business owners such as retailers and online sellers.  Sending quotations to making purchases to keep track of inventory and fulfilling current orders can be a daunting process, mostly if you use manual and inefficient stock management methods. Inventory Management Inventory management is an important … Read More

GST Rules for Start-ups in India

22. February 2021By amitmundraBriefly explained

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation has primarily impacted the way start-ups operated in India. It has significantly increased the number of new start-ups in the past three years of successful implementation. The advent of a new tax regime was crucial to abolish various indirect taxes. GST rules for startups were introduced with the … Read More

Transfer of Business and GST Implications

17. February 2021By amitmundraBriefly explained

The advent of GST has led to significant changes in the way businesses operate across the nation. In the past few years, the need for corporate restructuring has increased the scope for transfer of business ownership. It is done majorly to increase the value of an enterprise, revive an organisation’s downfall, or gain an advantage … Read More