How to Automate Invoice Processing?

6. July 2020By amitmundraBriefly explained

Traditional organizations still consider invoicing as a manual back-end operation. However, manually processing the invoice results in accounting risks. It includes: Late payments Time-consumption, Labor expenses Endless filing Routing and Approving invoices Complexity Lack of visibility Why should businesses opt to automate invoice processing? Terminating manual errors and adopting an efficient digital invoicing system accelerates … Read More

5 important things to look in an invoice software

25. June 2020By amitmundraBriefly explained

For a small, large, or startup business owner invoicing is an integral part that needs attention for smooth functioning. If you fail to generate an accurate and timely invoicing, then your cash flow suffers hugely. Therefore, create severe damage to your business and thus it is important to wisely choose a good invoice software. With … Read More

Why you should write your invoices online?

5. June 2020By amitmundraBriefly explained

A simple and professional invoice is a good idea to spend less time on billing. It builds trust amongst your customers, and encourage your clients to pay you faster. So why is it important that you should write your invoices online? An invoice is used for a payment request but also helps to maintain a … Read More

How long should the quotation time be valid for?

29. May 2020By amitmundraBriefly explained

Consider a godsend opportunity if a client asks for a quotation, and with a quick and right response, a business deal comes your way. A business owner needs to know the art of pricing the right quote at the right time. Quotation usually formulates based on certain requirements, and the client generally conditions it. It … Read More

Good payment terms: How you get your money faster?

8. May 2020By amitmundraBriefly explained

Nowadays, making a business successful needs innovation and quick money. Your business climbs the success ladder if you get your payment money faster. In present times everyone wants to master the tricks of good payment terms to get money faster. In other words, the cash flow remains intact, and you efficiently manage the money cycle … Read More