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Importance of Team Collaboration feature

31. May 2021By amitmundra

Money is the most crucial aspect of a business, and accounting is the art of managing this aspect. The sphere of accounting has evolved over the decades. Now, especially with technology taking over, the revolution has been tremendous.  Businesses have started adapting to the technology of the future – cloud-based software. With cloud-based software, all … Read More


17. May 2021By amitmundra

The beginning of a supply chain starts with a purchase order. Imprezz helps in automation and speeding up Purchase Order. The efficiency of the purchasing team plays a vital role in the Inventory Management for the entire supply chain. The mistakes causing the firm to incur drastic losses can be significantly reduced by optimising the … Read More

Cloud Accounting Software : Benefits and Features

8. May 2021By amitmundra

Cloud accounting software or online accounting software is an accounting server hosted on a remote network. It is both safe and convenient. You can access your financial data anytime from anywhere. You get an up-to-date view of your financial data when it is hosted on the cloud. What’s more, with Imprezz cloud accounting software, you … Read More


27. April 2021By amitmundra

As we have seen in all our previous blogs (Inventory Management 101: Small Business Guide and Inventory Management Techniques: 2021 Edition) that inventory management is a visual analyser used to track inventory in real-time. Certain good practices in Inventory Management processes will help you best utilise cloud computing and analytics software and hence curb losses … Read More

GST Rules for Start-ups in India

22. February 2021By amitmundra

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation has primarily impacted the way start-ups operated in India. It has significantly increased the number of new start-ups in the past three years of successful implementation. The advent of a new tax regime was crucial to abolish various indirect taxes. GST rules for startups were introduced with the … Read More

Transfer of Business and GST Implications

17. February 2021By amitmundra

The advent of GST has led to significant changes in the way businesses operate across the nation. In the past few years, the need for corporate restructuring has increased the scope for transfer of business ownership. It is done majorly to increase the value of an enterprise, revive an organisation’s downfall, or gain an advantage … Read More

How to Leverage Accounting Automation? – Small Business Guide

8. February 2021By amitmundra

Coming up with small business ideas and making it requires you to take actions. There’s a lot of thoughts that go into taking that call of making it happen. The success of your business is inversely proportional to the number of sales you crack every day. It involves a lot more than just trading goods … Read More

Accounting 101 – Ultimate Guide to Accounting Basics

4. February 2021By amitmundra

Accounting is one of the most discussed topics in the world of business. Not only business owners, but even a regular employee is also familiar with accounting. They send bills, keep a record of profits, losses, and costs. Every business is involved in some form of accounting irrespective of its scale. Understanding accounting basics under … Read More