Basic Fundamentals of Accounting

14. October 2020By amitmundraBriefly explained

Each industry in today’s business world operates with its language; likewise, accounting is the primary language of finance and related businesses. It helps business owners understand the financial situation by transmitting the necessary financial data. It helps translate the fundamentals of accounting into a completely tangible report. The scope of accounting makes it crucial for … Read More

What is Billing And Invoicing Software – Advantages of Billing System And Its Types

7. October 2020By amitmundraBriefly explained

Invoicing is the preliminary step of receiving payment; an invoice is made for every product or service sold and supplied. The times when payments were processed mainly in cash and transactions were recorded in books are long gone. In order to combat error invoicing and overdue accounts payable, modern businesses have adapted the financial technologies … Read More

A Comprehensive Guide – Best GST Invoicing Software

7. October 2020By amitmundraBriefly explained

Over the past few years, the introduction of goods and service tax (GST) has revolutionized India’s taxation system. So far, it is considered as the most crucial tax calculation changes after independence. Scholars believe that India’s GST regime is more likely to offer a significant overhaul of the current indirect tax system. Besides, these changes … Read More