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Automate your payment reminders with Imprezz

5. April 2021By amitmundra

Do you find it intimidating to send payment reminders? But in the ideal business model, you have to ask for payments against the product or service offered to keep your cash flow healthy. Having a system to send payment reminders is the first step in making it a habit. With the automated payment reminder tool … Read More

Tutorial : How to use Imprezz inventory management tool?

26. February 2021By amitmundra

Managing large stock of inventory is a time-consuming process for small business owners such as retailers and online sellers.  Sending quotations to making purchases to keep track of inventory and fulfilling current orders can be a daunting process, mostly if you use manual and inefficient stock management methods. Inventory Management Inventory management is an important … Read More

How to Make Quotation Which Your Clients Accept?

21. August 2020By amitmundra

Small businesses in India can poach clients if they know how to make quotation that works for their business. Not many business owners realize that the way they create quotations can cost them business. They fail to follow-up on quotes or turn them around faster, which results in loss of revenue. Healthy cash flow and … Read More

Tutorial: How to write invoices with Imprezz

22. November 2019By Amit Mundra

Tutorial: How to write invoices with Imprezz As a founder you have quite a lot of duties. To be on the safe side right from the start, you have to work with software! With the invoicing program Imprezz you write a professional and legally compliant bill at lightning speed, which you can send directly to … Read More

Tutorial: How to create and edit stunning Imprezz quotations

22. November 2019By Amit Mundra

Tutorial: How to create and edit stunning Imprezz quotations With the professional Imprezz quotation you make an impression: Your customers can look at the details of your illustrated quotation folders on the web and accept convincing Imprezz quotation directly at the click of a mouse. Starting point: Professional Imprezz templates The starting point for the … Read More