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How Dunning can Help in Timely Collection of Dues?

28. July 2021By amitmundra

The most crucial factor to keep a business sustainable is the steady flow of cash. If the cash flow is interrupted due to negligence in collecting dues, the business’s financial health suffers. Sometimes it may be a seamless process – the client making payments before or on time. However, on some other occasions, you may … Read More

Efficient Resource Planning Techniques for Small Businesses

22. July 2021By amitmundra

For every emerging enterprise, the biggest challenge does not involve coming up with a new idea; it lies in sustaining that idea. To be a successful business, the rule of the thumb is to keep it buoyant. A study indicates that only 48.5% of the startups remain open and turn into small businesses after five … Read More

What is the difference between Journal and Ledger?

2. July 2021By amitmundra

According to the double-entry system of bookkeeping, each transaction affects two particular accounts. The process of accounting can be defined as the process of recording every financial transaction in the system. This process starts with creating a journal that is followed by a ledger account, trial balance, and final accounts. The two important pillars that … Read More

What is SAC Code in Invoice? Importance of SAC Code

30. June 2021By amitmundra

Business, national or global, is an ever-growing network of traders and consumers involved in the trade of many products and services. Without proper organisational tools, a business can go berserk. Thus, to streamline trade, product classification codes like HSN and SAC are the most practical measures to be taken by the government. What is SAC … Read More

Steps to Improve Receivables Management

26. June 2021By amitmundra

The biggest challenge faced by any large or small business, more than sales, branding or expansion, is to keep it buoyant. And one way by which you can keep your business afloat is by ensuring a steady cash flow. A business can sail through highs and lows of profit generation, but it cannot survive an … Read More

When is Credit and Debit Note Issued?

23. June 2021By amitmundra

Maintaining legally compliant, professional invoices is imperative to the operations of any business. But once you have created an invoice, it may not be the final one as there can be several changes due to various reasons in a single transaction. Is it possible to edit the invoice n-number of times as and when there’s … Read More

Importance of Real-time Tracking of Accounting Transactions

18. June 2021By amitmundra

Gone are the days when people used to go through loads and loads of ledgers and financial statements to find that one entry they were missing. In these modern times along with everything else, accounting has been simplified as well.  This is the modern era and therefore, methods of accounting have advanced as well. In … Read More

How can a free Chartered Accountant seat help in efficiently filling GST?

11. June 2021By amitmundra

Cloud accounting software is the best investment to scale your business. You can easily collaborate with your Chartered accountant and team members for GST filing and other financial decisions.   With the advancement of technology, more and more firms are looking to embrace cloud networks for their business activities. This software allows them to enhance their … Read More