All functions of Imprezz at a glance

Generate quotations, invoices, reminders and more, directly in the cloud

More features coming soon



Acceptance of quotation

Quotations that you send via Imprezz can be accepted by your customer with a click of the mouse. The quotation email contains a link that the recipient can use to view the online version of your quotation in the browser.


Prepare your bookkeeping optimally. By complying with legal standards, the legally secure entry of documents and the allocation of payments. And best of all: With the help of the tax consultant export (coming soon), all important data is compiled.

Article database

The article database gives you a clear overview of your articles and services. So you always have your portfolio in view.

Articles management

The article management enables you to edit and save your articles or services. You can collect all the important information about your offered items and use them directly in your quotation or on your invoice.


With Imprezz you can add additional points or further information about your quotations or your invoice directly by email. The attachments can be stored using drag & drop or inserted via the file selection on your computer.

Automatic sending of reminders

If Imprezz detects a delay in payment, a corresponding payment reminder will be created and sent according to the degree of automation you have selected.


You don't have to do all the work manually. With the automation, such as recurring invoicing, reminders, notifications or payment reconciliation, we give you valuable time that you, in turn, can use efficiently.



With the dashboard, you have a complete overview. No matter whether sales, surplus, open invoices and quotations - you no longer lose sight of anything.

Data security

Anyone who creates invoices online needs absolute security. With SSL certification on German cloud servers and with clever backups, your data is in the best hands with us.

Document entry

Regardless of whether it is a catering receipt, train ticket or fuel receipt - you can simply upload a PDF of the receipt directly, create an expense, save it and you're done.


Email delivery

With just a few clicks you can send your quotations, invoices, reminders, and tax consultant exports (coming soon) by email.

Expected earnings

Based on your written invoices and their due dates, your recurring invoices and on the basis of intelligently recognized recurring income, we give you a clear overview of the next income that will await you.

Expenditure management

With the expenditure function, you can see at a glance which incoming invoices and receipts still have to be paid.


Import articles

You can easily transfer existing article information to the Imprezz database using Copy & Paste from MS Excel via the menu item Import.



You can get Imprezz to inform you by email and/or push notification about account activities, such as accepting quotations, receiving payments and many other activities.


Partial invoices

Partial invoices offer you the opportunity to bill your customer for parts of the order amount - even before the final delivery, completion or final acceptance.



You can easily create a quotation in Imprezz: select customers, add articles, done. Your customer has the option of accepting the offer via a link in the browser and accepting it with a click.


Recurring invoices

You can easily create recurring invoices as so-called Recurring invoices. Create an invoice, select a rhythm and enter the recipient. The rest is done by Imprezz.


Stationery design

We provide you with a neutral template for your quoations and invoices. Apart from the legal compulsory components, all content and design elements can be determined by hand.